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Health and Safety Signage

Health and Safety signage is of utmost important to ensuring the safety of yourselves, your employees, clients and visitors. You might know the dangers around each corner, but not to new visitors.

There are four main categories to health and safety signage. These are Prohibition Signs, Warning Signs, Mandatory Signs and Emergency Escape or first-aid. Within these categories, you should be able to identify what type of sign you need to adequately inform everyone on your premises what to expect.

Prohibition sign

Red in colour, Prohibition sign are to inform everyone of Dangerous Behaviour, STOP, Shutdown, Emergency Cut-out devices, evacuate.

The purpose of these signs are to inform people that certain actions performed by individuals might increase the chance of  immanent dangers.  If you drive around the UK, you will have noticed large red “STOP” signs which means that even though the road may be clear, your vehicle has to come to a complete STOP before you can continue.

Designed to be clear and to the point, Prohibition signs tell you what you can and can’t do. For example, “No Unauthorised persons allowed” illustrates that if you are a visitor, you are not allowed to enter.

Prohibition signs will make you more aware of what actions you need to be taken to ensure you and people around you are kept same.

Warning Signs

Warning signs are yellow themed, with a yellow triangle symbol with a black outline with black descriptive text.

Warning Signs are to inform the person to be careful and to take precautions, examine your surroundings before proceeding.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that people who see this type of sign are in a dangerous situation. Warning signs can be used to inform people that CCTV is being operated within the area.

However, a common theme within warning signs is to tell people about fragile roofs, hot water, electricity and a large manner of different potentially dangerous situations.

Mandatory Signs

Mandatory signs are blue with a white pictogram and white text. The purpose of a mandatory sign is to inform people to prescribing specific behaviour.

These Mandatory signs are heavily used within the building industry, as all PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) are mandatory to allow access onto the work site.

A fully functional Mandatory sign will be clear, adhere to the  The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996

Emergency Escape or First-Aid sign

Emergency Escape or First-Aid signs are signs giving information on emergency exits, first aid, or rescue facilities (eg ‘emergency
exit/escape route)

Green background colour with white text and pictogram, these signs are to inform you of how to quickly exit a premises, or where to go for first aid or other emergency facilities.

These signs are vital for any premises, irrespective of the volume of people going through your business or work space.

Being able to quickly and efficiently establish how to reach medical supplies, exits and emergency services is paramount to keep people safe and giving them the best chance of escaping danger.