We are Printing Wizard

If you have managed to stumble onto this page then we are sorry to tell you that no magic happens here. However, you can find out exactly what we do and what we aim to achieve. We have been around since Merlin’s time and we know how this signage stuff works. We essentially give people, like yourself, the capabilities of producing your own advertising and promotions without having to go through the hassle of the back and forth of e-mails from designers. You have the mind and imagination to put your creation down on paper. There is no better creative feeling then seeing your sign go from a thought, to something that you can hold in your own hands.

Just in case, for some reason, you feel that your own designs don’t achieve the look you are after, feel free to pick through our preset designs. Add you own text, imagery and change colours to how you want it, not by someone who tells you how it should look.